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Metals Removal

Metals Removal

For removal of metals and treatment of heavily laden waste streams, we use advanced designs in Oxidation and Colloidal De-Stabilization;

  • Ozonation: Ozone causes a chemical breakdown of large solids in water so that it could be flocked 
  • Flocculation: stage uses a water based clay/polymer formulation designed for each application
  • Reverse Osmosis: Depending upon the purity of the treated water required for reuse. 

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metal removal Systemmetal removal system example

metal removal systemmetal treatment for water examples

Ultraviolet Marine Systems

UVK Series 

Ultraviolet (UV) light represents a powerful technology that has been successfully deployed in diverse industries such as Marine applications. Aquafine’s UVKTM Series is a robust UV water treatment system specifically targeted for Marine Drinking Water Systems.

UVK systems are designed to maximize installation flexibility with minimal footprint. While each unit incorporates 9,000 hour Low Pressure High Output (LPHO) Amalgam Lamps, UVKTM systems also feature halogen-free wiring and marine standard cable glands.

Each system consists of a 316L stainless steel treatment chamber and a painted carbon steel control cabinet and undergoes rigorous quality checks, electronic functionality and hydrostatic pressure testing before leaving our facility. The compact size has the ability to be installed horizontally or vertically. All models are Germanischer Lloyd and DVGW certified. Select models are NIPH certified.

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Marine Applications

Ultrapure & Industrial Services are distributors and suppliers of Aquafine's UV systems for seagoing marine vessels. Our UV systems provide complete ballast water treatment, disinfection security for drinking water, discharged wastewater and recreational water on-board ships and platforms around the globe.

Ultraviolet (UV) light represents a powerful technology that has been successfully deployed in diverse industries for several years. For marine applications, UV disinfection of drinking water, waste water and recreational water are a chemical-free and very effective method of inactivating a wide range of waterborne pathogens on-board ships.

UV disinfection systems for drinking water ensure the health and safety of the ships' personnel by supplying a safe and ample amount of pathogen-free, clean fresh water. Also, the effluent water from wastewater treatment systems on-board ships can be effectively treated by manner. Ships featuring swimming pools must treat the pool water to ensure it remains clear and clean, free from harmful substances, bacteria, viruses, algae and other pathogens and is suitable for use by swimmers.

Ultrapure & Industrial Services represents and distributes Pacific Ozone products and can deliver clean ozone solutions for the benefit of people and the environment. Ozone has been used in commercial disinfection for 100 years. Ozone is an unstable molecule owing to the weak bonds holding the third oxygen atom. This instability makes ozone a naturally powerful oxidizing and disinfecting agent. Oxidation occurs when ozone molecules come in contact with oxidizable substances, including microorganisms (viruses, molds and bacteria), as well as organic and inorganic compounds (metal ions, plastics and rubbers).