Chemical treatment of your water can prove to be an effective and economical way to manage a host of potential issues.

We partner with a number of organizations such as GE Water to service chemical needs. Using their portfolio of products we can design a chemical treatment regimen to address a number of issues including: Hardness/Fouling, Boiler & Water Tower, Chlorine Removal, Anti-scalent, and pH adjustment. The chemicals we use for treatment are Caustic, Feeders, Coagulands, Stabilizers, Adjusters, Acid and Chlorine. Chemical producers have unique needs that require efficient and safe solutions. For example, butadiene producers worry about the formation of sheet and popcorn polymer. Ammonia and fertilizer producers need antifoaming and corrosion protection for amine scrubbers.

With decades of experience in each product sector, GE can deliver industry-leading technologies that are tailored to suit your operating requirements. 

Improved productivity

Optimized performance and life of critical equipment

Increased process uptime

Reduced costs and waste

Improved safety

Cost-effective regulatory compliance

Additional Information 
Additional Information-Antiscalants/Safety Data Sheets
Boiler Treatment Chemstry

Boiler Treatment

Managing boiler water chemistry plays a major role in avoiding several forms of boiler tube failure (BTF) because of corrosion and related steam system damage. In the first part of this report, a case study will be presented that detail the types of failures that can occur as a consequence of exceeding prescribed contaminant limits. In the second part we will discuss implementing RO treatment of boiler makeup water, which can substantially improve water quality, and enhance steam purity and often eliminate boiler system fouling and corrosion problems. Internal treatment with a good chemicals control approach along with a suitable polymeric dispersant program will also be discussed. Light will also be thrown at a new TOC Analyzer for Boiler Water Monitoring. Learn more about boiler chemistry management using coordinated approach of chemicals, membranes, and online monitoring.

Boiler Water Chemicals

In partnership with GE, Ultrapure provides a wide range of BWT & CWT chemicals to ensure performance reliability through deposition and scale control. Learn more about internal boiler treatment chemicals. 


Cooling Tower and Closed Loops

Extend the life of your assets and improve the heat transfer efficiency of your cooling water system

  • Municipal solutions
  • Industrial wastewater
  • Process chemicals
  • Utility solutions
  • Zero liquid discharge
  • Desalination technology
  • Monitoring & Control Solutions

Whether for open-recirculating (in cooling towers), closed-loop, or once-thru systems, GE maximizes heat transfer efficiency and protects your equipment.

GE’s approach to cooling water treatment is a combination of patented chemistry, decades of expertise, and GE’s innovative TrueSense* for cooling remote monitoring and diagnostics platform.



·         Fiberflo

·         Minncare Cold Sterilant

·         Minncare Peracetic Acid Test Strips

·         Reverse Osmosis Membrane Cleaner


·         Antiscalant/Dispersant

·         Antioxidant (chlorine reduction)

·         Reverse Osmosis Membrane Cleaner (powder or liquid)


·         Laboratory, Field Instruments & Supplies

·         Test Kits

·         Pocket Testers

·         Water Quality Strips

Membrane Cleaning

Hypersperse MDC/MSI Antiscalants

  • Reduce colloidal fouling and control scale formation
  • Enable RO operation at optimal design recovery rates by reducing scale
  • $$ Decreease chemical consumption by reducing the frequency of CIP Cleaning
  • $$ Extend membrane element life