Lower Operating Costs with Ultrapure Industrial and Commercial Water Systems

Knowing your water quality, usage, and specification, we can determine the best solution for your commercial & industrial water treatment needs. Ultrapure water treatment technology applications are used by thousands of businesses, manufacturers, and industries. Our application engineers create customized cost-effective solutions for your water treatment needs. We utilize proprietary software to determine viable system designs and to evaluate options.

Our consultative approach begins with a Ultrapure certified water expert working with you to identify your specific water quality needs. By understanding these needs we can customize a system that gives you everything you require and nothing you don't – saving you money and helping you increase your ROI. At Ultrapure, we take pride in working closely with our customers so we can provide comprehensive industrial water treatment solutions.

Applications for Deionized Water Equpiment

  • Food and Beverage Processing Plants
  • Power Plants
  • Chemical Plants
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • High Pressure Boiler Feedwater
  • Manufacturing Plants and More

Different Areas We Reduce Operating Costs In

  • Pre-Treatment
  • Membrane - Reverse Osmosis
  • Deionization
  • Storage
  • Distribution/Further Treatment
  • More

We Lower Our Clients' Operating Costs and Increase ROI

Ultrapure has lowered operating costs for many industrial and commercial companies. We can lower costs for Energy & Power, Food & Beverage, Healthcare, Hospitals, Bio-pharmaceutical, Manufacturing, Oil & Gas, and the Hospitality/Lodging industries. Take a look at our clients savings in the case studies below. Please fill out the form if you would like a commercial and industrial water expert to help you determine if there is an opportunity to lower your operating costs.

Petroleum Refinery Case Study

  • Net Annual Savings of $200,000
  • Reduced blow down - 65 to 7.5 cycles
  • Boiler chemical savings of $36,000/year
  • Maintenance and waste disposal savings
  • Read entire case study here

Manufacturing Case Study

  • Annual Savings of $52,711
  • Reduced blow down by 96%
  • Reduced energy and sewage costs
  • Lower chemical and water costs
  • Read entire case study here

Chemical Manufacturer Study

  • Annual Savings of $200,000
  • Reduced blow down - 14% to 2%
  • Chemical and water savings
  • Water quality improvements
  • Read entire case study here

Beverage Processing Study

  • Annual Savings over $53,000
  • Reduced blow down - 10% to 2%
  • Reduced city waste charges
  • Reduced chemical usage by 50%
  • Read entire case study here

Resort and Casino Case Study

Food Manufacturing Study

  • Annual Savings of $14,439
  • Won Pollution Prevention Award
  • Reduced salt and water usage
  • Saved $320/month in labor
  • Read entire case study here

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