Treating water prior to discharge or reuse. This may be prior to reuse or discharging into a municipal line or into a stream or sewer. Wastewater is frequently required to be treated in order to meet set standards for levels of dissolved or suspended contaminants.

Regulation and scarcity are requiring more and more organizations to evaluate their treatment of wastewater. Waste treatment systems typically require multiple components and can vary in complexity depending upon what is present in the waste stream. Ultrapure has experience designing treatment systems to remove a range of undesirable components and can address such issues as BOD,  COD,  suspended solids,  metals and oils.

INDUSTRIES:  Boiler/Cooling Tower, Metals Removal, Power, Refining, Ethanol, Water, Reuse

Additional Information 
GE Water & Wastewater treatment

GE capabilities in the wastewater area include: 

  • Solids separation – TSS removal (similar to Influent clarification)
  • Metals removal – both particulate and soluble
  • Oil separation – emulsion breaking and flotation enhancement
  • Organics removal enhancement in biological treatment systems and sewers
  • Foam control


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Oil & Gas/Fracking


Sulfate Removal

Hydraulic fracturing requires large volumes of water. Supply sources for Frac water may include wells with high levels of Sulfates. Sulfates (calcium carbonate, calcium sulfate, barium sulfate, strontium sulfate) lead to scale deposition and can plug off formations.

Ultrapure offers two options for Sulfate removal: A membrane separation process known as Nanofiltration, or an ion exchange process called Dealkalization. We offer units for high volume applications ranging from 50 GPM to 300 GPM.

Boron removal

We Design/Build/Install Ion Exchange DI Systems for Boron removal using Boron Selective anion resin. We support our commitment by having state-of-the-art 7000 resin deionization regeneration plant in Dallas to assist our customers with regenerating exhausted Boron anion resin tanks. We can also design and build skid mounted Boron regeneration system for on-site use.

Iron/Hydrogen Sulfide Removal

We offer heavy duty Greensand filters with electronic control valves for removal of both iron and manganese over a wide PH range, or iron and hydrogen sulfide or iron bacteria. The filter bed is regenerated with Potassium permanganate solution, once exhausted.


AOP systems are designed to treat highly loaded, difficult to treat wastewaters, such as hydraulic fracturing flow back water, metal plating, textile water recycling and more.

Ultrapure offers unique technology for treatment of flow back and produced water for reuse. Our Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP) uses ozone in the presence of catalysts and/or electro-catalysts (electronic energy) to form several powerful mixed oxidants insitu such as hydroxyl radicals, hydrogen peroxide, and atomic oxygen. These work together to mineralize organic pollutants converting them to carbon dioxide and water. Other oxidation by-products are flocculated and coagulated with little or no chemicals.

Waste Water

Waste Water Treatment

Ultrapure and Industrial Services provide a comprehensive, multi-tiered approach , cost-effective and reliable wastewater solutions. Waste water treatment systems comply with EPA standards. Water reclaim systems save water, save energy and reduce operating costs.


o    Evaluation of water use and practices

o    Recommendations for water conservation and management

o    Sustainability profiles


  o   Pre-treatment

o    Flow & water quality stabilization

o    Design to enhance performance of existing treatment 

 o    Closed loop reuse for specific facility operations

o    Segregated reuse

o    Make up water for chillers & HVAC

o    Reuse for wash waters

 Supplemental treatment to meet water quality criteria

o    TSS, FOG, BOD reduction

o    Color reduction/removal

o    Odor control

Total treatment solutions for discharge or reuse

o    Integrated process systems

o    Modular systems adaptable for upgrade or expansion

  Sludge management

o    Driers

o    Concentrators

Capital Equipment

o    Leasing Programs

o    Water Services Contracts

o    Extended Service Agreements

Boiler Water Treatment

In partnership with GE, Ultrapure provides a wide range of BWT & CWT chemicals to ensure performance reliability through deposition and scale control. Learn more about the details of boiler water treatment.