From storage tanks to pumps to valves and fittings, we can source the parts you need.

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Key Suppliers:

ACM Technologies, Ametek, Aquafine, Aries Filterworks, Avista, Cargill, Clack, CSM, Culligan, Dow/Filmtec, Elga, Fleck, GE Water, George Fischer, Grundfos, H2Oxidation, Hach/Anatel, Hellenbrand, Mettler/Toledo, PSC, Strainrite, ResinTech, Toray, Trojan UV, Watts, Webtrol and many others.


Diaphragm pumps, Variable Frequency pumps, injection pumps, booster pumps, recirculating pump, Grundfos, Gould, Tonkaflo, Sta-rite, March, LMI, Stenner, Procon and more.


High purity aseptic valves, diaphragm valves, ball valves, actuated valves, butterfly valves, Crane Saunders, Georg Fischer, Spears, Chemtrol, Nibco, Hayward, Parker


Ultrapure and Industrial Services carries several types of softener salt to meet your needs and applications.  We offer bags, pallets and bulk containers.  Deliveries can be set-up as needed or part of a maintenance agreement.

Additionally we offer brine solutions which can be delivered to your site.


Ultrapure & Industrial has the ability to offer several configurations for softener controls and valves. Valves sizes range from ¾” to 8”. Some of the control options include: time clock, metered progressive, metered alternating, metered delay, and aqua sensor. The options stated can be retrofitted to existing systems with multiple tanks.

We also can offer controls that can remote monitor and record the data from the system.

We have the capability to modify your existing softeners and filters to more modern and efficient technology. As well as service and repair virtually all other makes and models. If you have a softener or filter we can help you control it.

Time clock, metered, duplex alternating, parallel, manual, etc.

Custom Controls - Autotrol

Culligan - Fleck - Aquamatic


Norwesco: Liquid storage tanks of all sizes and materials. Vertical storage tanks, horizontal storage tanks, mini-bulk storage tanks, horizontal leg storage tanks, drainable leg storage tanks, elliptical leg storage tanks.

Wellmate: Storage tanks, retention tanks, captive air tanks of all sizes. Constructed of composite materials, corrosion resistant materials, long lasting materials and lightweight materials.

Park International: Mineral tanks, storage tanks of numerous sizes designed for all water treatment applications. Fiberglass (FRP) tanks. A.S.M.E. tanks, NON-A.S.M.E. tanks.

Quick Tanks: Storage tanks of various sizes designed for many water treatment applications.

Raven Tanks: Polyethylene storage tanks and fiberglass storage tanks in a wide variety of shapes and sizes with storage capacities up to 10,500 gallons.


PVC, CPVC, High Purity PVDF, High Purity LXT, Chemtrol, Nibco, Hayward, Harvell and more