We have a number of current and former projects highlighted below.

Ultrapure and Industrial has assisted clients throughout the United States and in dozens of countries.  Our expertise spans the gamut from simple treatment systems targeting hardness to much more complex systems targeting hazardous contamination of source water.

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UPW Skids

"UPW Skids for USP Purified Distribution Equipment and the Purified Lab sub-loop with PLC programming for Point-of-Use Valves". 

Ft. Wayne Curling Club- We do ICE!!

We’ve been working with this organization since the beginning and this year, they built their ice 100% out of PEDI water.  It takes 12-14000 gallons to build this sheet of ice.  We used 3 sets of CASB and 1 14”MB to accomplish this.  They will keep a 9”MB on site for ice maintenance with an exchange every 2-3 months throughout the season.  They were totally astonished this year as they built up their ice, the clarity, the hardness of the ice and how well their paints stuck to the ice.  In the past, they built up 75% of their ice with city water, but never again

Brewery Indiana


Hoppy Gnome Brewery’s brew kettles, this brewery is available for people who want to make their own beer and will be supervised by a brew master.  Each kettle will brew 4 cases of beer.  We have 14” PE carbons operating at 5 gpm with 10 minute empty bed contact time to provide the ultimate carbon filtration.  They are set up in a worker-polisher configuration.  Every six months we will rotate out the worker with a freshly re-bedded tank.

RO/DI Systems

A customer contacted Ultrapure with a dire need for 1 megohm water quality for dilution of high purity chemistries.  They needed a temperary system very quick. 

Ultrapure responded by providing a RO system, twin 6,000 gallon tanks due to space limitations, and deionization polishers for product use.

RO Systemtwin-RO system-large RO system control RO system megohm water qualityMegohm water quality system twin ro system 6000 gallons

Pepsico-Filter Rebed

Filter-rebed-pepsicoPepsico filter rebed Ultrapure pepsico filter rebed

Decker Power Plant-Softening/RO/General Contractor

The Decker Power Plant started out as an RFQ for replacement of the existing Demin units with a 150 gpm doublepass RO. We ended up being selected as the General Contractor over the entire “build”, coordinating the piping installation, electrical installation and RO system complete with CIP capability , 40 cu ft portable exchange mixedbeds and re-installed their Silica analyzers. Included in the project were removal of existing bulk caustic and acid tanks and in their place construction of a new concrete pad for a new 16,000g buffer RO feedwater tank with duplex repressurization pumps and 2 each 16,000 demin storage tanks and distribution pumps. Included in the project was integration of system PLC to BAS (Building Automation System) complete with remote lab supervisor monitor/control of the RO/DI system. 

•Major equipment involved in the system–(3) 16,000 Gallon Tanks–150 gpm Double Pass RO–(3) 48 cu. ft. Exchangeable DI Tanks–MCC (Motor Control Center)–Stand Alone HMI (Human Machine Interface)–Fully Automated PLC–Stainless Steel Piping

•System Highlights–Water quality specs–Fully automated system–Cost effective freeze protection system

•Time Frame:–Drawing – 5 months–Construction – 3 months–Wrap up – 2 months

•Estimated Budget: $2,000,000.

"Best water quality we've seen." - Mike Schiller, Head Chemist

"Very happy with how it turned out." - Steve Allsup, Austin Energy Engineer

RO feedback tankReverse osmosis CIP capacityPiping and Electrical installation of RO system

monitor for Exchangeable DI tanksDouble Pass RO systemDecker Power Plant Installation

Remote lab supervision monitor of RO/DI systemBuilding Automation System with monitorsStand Alone HMI Human Machine Interface

Decker Power Plant installation of Culligan's reverse osmosis sytemInstallation of Decker Power PlantThe process of reverse osmosis system Installation

Project Highlights: 

  • Maintenance savings
  • Weekly meetings with sub contractors and customer
  • On schedule 
  • Qaulity workmanship
  • Fully informed
  • Fully responsible
Pepsico-Gatorade -Softening Systems

Ultrapure removed and disposed of their old quad softening system and replaced it with a Culligan triplex HS-2004 system.  This is a 250 gpm system that feeds their boilers and some process water.  We installed the new system in a new location in the plant and did the demo of the old equipment after the new was up and running.   This was completed in October of 2014,  we have a very happy customer.

 Pepsico- Gatorade Culligan triple HS-2004 systemPepsico- Gatorade Culligan triple HS-2004 system

Jack Wintrow | Commercial & Industrial Sales Representative | Culligan of Central Indiana M: 317-223-1763 | F: 317-591-7661

Luxury Resort - Duplex Softening System

Four Seasons Resort and Club 

Installation of Culligan Matrix Duplex Alternating Water Softener

“I would estimate that we save 30-35% on our detergent and chemical costs when we use soft water. I have been in discussions where industry people say soft water can extend the life of our linens by 40%. I think these numbers are realistic based on our experience.” — Gerald Gleckman, Laundry Engineer, Dallas, Texas

Read more about the installation and issues that were resolved at the Four Seasons Resort and Club.

Casino - Brine Reclaim

Treasure Island Resort and Casino - Red Wing, Minnesota

After Treasure Island implemented brine reclaim on their water softening system, they experienced a 30% savings in salt. Learn more brine reclaim at Treatsure Island Resort and Casino

BAE - Reverse Osmosis

After 5 years of providing a temporary RO system for their plant, BAE requested a leasing program for their new facility being built in Fort Wayne.  Culligan/Ultrapure provided a turnkey program to include the equipment, service, filters and expendables for a 5 year term. Rick Swagger Culligan/Ultrapure 260-750-7948

BAE RO system project Culligan UltrapureBAE RO System Project Culligan/Ultrapure

BAE RO project Culligan UltrapureBAE Culligan reverse osmosis system installation


Parkview - RO/DI

After providing 2 years of excellent service for their RODI system, Parkview requested a walk through at a new acquisition which has an XYZ system.  Comparing the level of service provided at the initial installation with the level of service provided by XYZ, Culligan/Ultrapure was awarded a 3 year PM agreement.Rick Swagger Culligan/Ultrapure 260-750-7948

RODI System project installationCulligan Ultrapure


DOT America - RO/DI

DOT America is a start up implant manufacturer in Columbia city Indiana.  Working with the owner of the company who had already googled various sites for the equipment he felt he needed, Culligan/Ultrapure was able to meet his budget and provide a system and installation for his USP water system. Rick Swagger Culligan/Ultrapure 260-750-7948

DOT America


Hyatt-Austin Texas - Softening

Hyatt Place (Austin, Texas) was in the market for a water softener due to hard water problems. The director of engineering came from Louisiana.  He had a great experience with Culligan at his previous hotel.  We quoted a CSM 300-3NC Duplex Meter with Progressive Flow. The biggest, is sweating 4" copper.  We also have a happy customer that will speak highly of Austin Culligan. 

Installation: There were two men on the project for four days. The entire job was 3/4" copper sweat. All of the copper was insulated and secured. We built the 4" bypass and put them on a salt route.

Hyatt-Austin Texas Culligan Ultrapure InstallationHyatt-Austin Texas Culligan Ultrapure Installation

copper-sweatHyatt's Culligan water softening systemHyatt-Austin Texas CSM300-3NC Duplex Meter

Hyatt copper welding for Culligan water softener system


Water for Algae growth - Reverse Osmosis

Ultrapure Indianapolis was called in to provide low TDS water for a startup company to produce Astaxanthin. This is an algae type growth but very selective. The customer was asking for reverse osmosis quality water with as few forms of contaminates as possible. After meeting with the clients it was determined that the modular approach would be the best way to so that the water treatment system would be able to grow with the company. The primary system included a Culligan Model G2 – 10 reverse osmosis system, UV, sub-micron filtration, pumps and storage.We were able to provide a temporary system for trial and to carry over until the permanent system was installed. Customer is very happy and continues to purchase expendable filters and has generated over 1.5 million gallons of product water since August of 2014.

Larry Goetz Commercial Industrial Division Culligan / Ultrapure Industrial Services Indiana Offices: Columbus, Ft. Wayne, Indianapolis, Lafayette, Martinsville, Muncie, New Castle Phone 317-591-9999 Cell  317-313-9248

Water for Algae growth Culligan Reverse Osmosis SystemCulligan Model G2 - 10 Reverse Osmosis Algae growthCulligan Model G2-10 Reverse Osmosis System

Reverse Osmosis System for algae growthPumps, storage and micron filtration System for algae growthWater for Algae growth storageUltrapure and Culligan Water Treatment system for algae growthUltrapure and Culligan Water Treatment system for algae growth

Flextronics - Softening/Filtration/Ultra Violet

Duplex 60” diameter Depth filters rated at 392 gpm each

-Duplex softeners rated at 400 gpm and 2,000,000 grains each

-6 each 32 cu ft mixedbeds

-Duplex 5.0 micron resin trap filters

-Duplex 400 gpm pumps delivering 100 psi

-Duplex final filters 1.0 micron

-5000 gal DI storage tank

-Duplex Aquafine HX06CDL UV units rated at 405 gpm each

- GEA heat exchanger with rate temperature rise of 45F (60F up to 105F) at 400 gpm

-Allen Bradley Compactlogix PLC controller with 7 resistivity input/output, 21 pressure trans, 21 flow trans, all with data log


Subsequently the system was upgraded with 150 gpm RO system to optimize performance and economics.


Government Project

Department of Veterans Affairs

VA Noth Texas Health Care System

4500 S. Lancaster Rd, Dallas


Annual contract for DI Exchange services and maintenance of high purity loops throughout the hospital. Maintain, calibrate, and sanitize to manufacturers and hospital’s specification. Ultrapure will provide complete equipment, installation and operational control during the period of the contact. Our experience in servicing VA Dialysis centers at Waco and Temple and several other hospitals in Texas region make Ultrapure the choice service provider for hospitals.

Finisar Reverse Osmosis