Problems associated with hard water can be minimized by using a water softener. Depending on the source water, many regions require water softening as a final solution or pretreatment to exchange hard water minerals of Ca, Mg, Fe for the soft ion, sodium. Our equipment is utilized as pretreatment for high purity systems, problem water, ultraviolet, reverse osmosis, and deionization. Whatever the need Ultrapure & Industrial can source, design and engineer a system to meet your particular application.

Ultrapure can design the appropriate system to fit a given application. From single tank up to 6 vessels. Flow rates  from 1 gpm to as many gpm needed to meet your specification. We also service existing equipment and retrofit the latest technology. Options include: metered systems, aqua sensor, progressive flow, and brine reclaim.


Additional Information 

The Culligan Hi-Flo 50 Series - The Culligan Hi-Flo 50 water softener delivers high-quality water for high-volume applications, reducing contaminants that affect the efficiency and performance of water-using equipment. The scalable large-capacity softener helps meet your present and future water softening requirements.

The Culligan's HE 1.5 Skid Series and the Culligan's Hi-Flo 3e Skid Series - Culligan's Commercial Skid Series offers nearly 200 different duplex and triplex configurations of their top softener and filter models available with different piping material and flow configurations depending on your performance and budgetary needs.

The Culligan Hi-Flo xN Series - The Culligan Hi-Flo xN Series reduces hard water contaminants reducing scale build-up that can affect equipment performance. The corrosion resistant innovative valve design offers improved reliability and ease of service. 

The Culligan Hi-Flo 3e Series - The Culligan Hi-Flo 3e water softener effectively reduces contaminants that affect water quality such as scale and stain-causing minerals. The Culligan-exclusive Smart Controller allows you to efficiently set up and manage your water treatment. Using optional accessories, monitor water usage data, such as the flow rate and volume, and regenerate the system as needed, saving resources and money.

The Culligan Hi-Flo 3 Series - The Culligan Hi-Flo 3 softener is an entry-level stystem that reduces the contaminants in water used for industrial processes and commercial consumption. The system requires only simple set up and maintenance to help deliver quality water. 

The Culligan Side Mount Series - The Culligan Side Mount heavy-duty softener reduces hard water contaminants, even for large volume applications, reducing scale buildup that can affect equipment performance.

The Culligan HE 1.5 Series - The Culligan High Efficiency softener with patened technology delivers improved efficiency to reduce operating costs. With the Culligan Smart Controller, avaiable on the HE, the softener adjusts to influent water conditions and regenerates based on need.

The Culligan HE 1.5 Twin Series - The High Efficiency Twin configuration consists of two independent mineral tanks, which provide a continuous flow of soft water 24 hours a day. The HE Twin softener is part of the Culligan Matrix Solutions that combine durable and efficient equipment, systems experience, and technical experts who understand your unique requirements. 

Applications - Brine Reclaim

Culligan Brine Reclaim

HOW IT WORKS: Culligan's Brine Reclaim technology returns a portion of reusable brine to the brine tank during a softener regeneration. During a typical softener regeneration brine is directed from the salt tank to the softener and then to drain. During the first part of the brine cycle the brine is laden with "hardness" laden brine is replaced with "soft or sweet brine". With Brine Reclaim the "sweet brine" is diverted back to the salt tank to be used in the next regeneration cycle. The amount of brine directed to the brine tank is directly proportional to amount of salt saved. 

BENEFITS: This solution enables your softener and your entire water treatment system to operate at improved efficiency.


  • Reduced salt usage up to 25%
  • Reduced water usage
  • Reduced sewage costs as a result of reduced discharge to drain
  • Reduced labor costs (salt loading costs)
  • Increased Efficiency
  • Improved return on investment (ROI)


Brine Reclaim can be retrofitted to improve your existing water softener, or can complete your end-to-end Matrix Solutions system.

More about Culligan Brine Reclaim

Softener Capacity Chart
U.S. Hardness Map

Water Hardness areas in United States Map

First thing we start with is determing the hardness of your water. The illustration above shows how this can vary by region. Usually a simple water test will determine the make-up of your incoming water.

The second determination is size. This is based upon your volume needs, volume is based on absolute gallons needed. This can be measured by daily use, peak demand or say eight hour shift.

The last determination invovles the type of sophistication (manual, metered or timed) and if it will be operating with other equipment such as an RO unit.


Dissolved Ions

Dissolved Ions that Form Scale

Foulant/Scale Pretreatment and Cleaning
Calcium Carbonate Control with pH reduction and/or anti-scalant. Easy to clean.
Calcium Sulfate Control with anti-scalant. Difficult to clean. 
Barium Sulfate Control with anti-scalant. Impossible to clean. 
Strontium Sulfate Control with anti-scalant. Difficult to clean. Not common.
Calcium Phosphate Control with anti-scalant and pH reduction. Easy to clean. 
Iron Assuming no oxidation (air, CI2). Control with anti-scalant. Easy to clean. 
Manganese Assuming no oxidation (air, CI2). Control with anti-scalant. Easy to clean. 
Aluminum Control with pH reduction and anti-scalant. Easy to clean (not Aluminum Silicate). 
Silica Assuming no colloidal silica. Control with anti-scalant. pH adjustment up or down can help. Impossible to clean. 

Dissolved Ions that form scale